Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Letter to Iggy and Senior Liberals

I'm the guy who started the Campaign for Equality in the EI Act for the Self Employed, it's gained alot of strength these past few days and got a wonderful amount of very positive press.
I was disgusted with the budget just presented as it does nothing for any of the 600,000 unemployed who paid into it yet are deemed ineligible. They can't get any of that skills and training dollars because they aren't drawing and can't draw EI. There was nothing pegged towards the self employed not even his maternity benefits promise in September.
Michael I can only hope that you stand by your word that this budget had to Help the Vulnerable! I don't see it, there's nothing. There's more money for banks that made huge profits off Canadians for years now they get our tax dollars also! More money for the foreign auto sector who are part of the problem certainly not part of the solution. They, the Harper government got this wrong, way wrong and now it's up to you and the rest of the official opposition to stand up for all of the vulnerable Canadians that were completely discarded in the trash , again by Harper. man up and either force amendments to change what needs to be changed to help those Canadians most in economic need or defeat it and lets get on with a real government for Canada.
Chris Hopkins
EI For The Self Employed

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