Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We have Action

I have just found in the fine print of the budget that the government is striking a panel of experts to study the best way to allow self employed women to get maternity Benefits. This now means that if they implement that we have a clear charter issue and lots more ammunition to fight for full benefits and medical.
I sent the Minister a quick message to ask to be one of her experts, worth a shot.
Everyone talk amongst your yourselves have a celebratorical drink if you imbide. I'm a happy protagonist!!!!

the quote " and the establishment of an expert panel to study how best to provide maternity and parental benefits to the self-employed." and
"Money will also be provided for a strategic training and transition fund for Canadians no eligible for EI training, including the self-employed and those who have been out of work."

Media Coverage Attained

A friend sent me this search he ran on our Campaign thru Google, we sure hit the whole country
but we got to keep at them