Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gross Disappointments

Well now, I had to use the term Gross Disappointment for what has just been put to the House of Commons and Canadians. Other than tagging on 5 weeks of benefits for those already drawing EI, there is nothing there for either the Self Employed or the 600,000 unemployed Canadians who paid in yet are deemed ineligible by the current governments rules.
It made me sick to my stomach when I realised that they are helping the very people that caused this downturn and caused the layoffs and 100,000 unemployed but squat for the uneemployed. I can only hope that Iggy will keep his word that for his support the budget must address the VULNERABLE, because it isn't there. He also said he would not support broad based tax cuts, though small they're there. How on earth do these guys think that they'll have a surplus in 4 years. Do they really think we're that stupid.
We will keep fighting, I don't see this as a set back, maybe I should have started it earlier but I will march on and hopefully you will also.

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