Monday, January 26, 2009

One Last Chance to Influence

Tomorrows our last chance to influence the budget, and the oppositions view that this should be in there and to show them that we're serious. So if you have time tomorrow morning before they go sit on their bums give your MP a call or send them an email reminding them of how you feel about the need to bring equality to the EI Program for the 2.3 Million self employed in Canada. Then watch it if you can.

More Media

Well I seem to have really started something. Lots of members to the Facebook Group. I'm doing a live radio interview today Radio Noon in the Maritimes and will be interviewed by Nancy Wilson tomorrow at 11:30 Atlantic on CBC Newsworld. Also a radio station in the Niagara region of Ontario tomorrow sometimes. So keep at you MP/PMO and Minister of HRDC Dianne Findlay.