Friday, February 20, 2009

Liberal Critic Response

Earlier today, Feb.20 I sent the following letter to 3 Liberal MP's and Senator Sibbetson.
I got a surpriseingly quick response from Michael John Savage, Cole Harbour and Liberal HRSDC Critic and member of the HUMA Parliamentary Committee. He requested a tele-conference for early next week! So if you have any further ideas or topics that haven't already been discussed here and the Facebook Group, please forward them to me prior to Monday the 23rd.
Cheers Chris

Hello Honourable Members;

I thought I should write to you all at once because the 3 of you have shown interest in helping this cause move along in the process(s) of Parliament.
Can you tell me what decision, if any has been made to introduce the Campaign through a question to Minister Findley during Question Period, or at the Committee level ?
The other question I'm curious to ask is has there been any announcements regarding the Panel of Experts that is to be struck to look into the proposed Maternity/Parental Benefits for the Self Employed. AS I have said before, this action will most likely bring more avenues and possibilities to all the Self Employed.

I appreciate your continued interest in this cause and I know you are busy with many other topics, especially so because of the main Budget still having to pass muster in the House.

Please keep me up to date on this and any other points that may arise.
Just as an aside, I have never got a response from the Ministers ( Findley,Flaherty, Harper) on this nor anything from Gail Shea or Lawrence MacCauley, so I can only assume that denotes their level of interest, to put it nicely.

Chris Hopkins
Campaign for Equality in the EI Act for the Self Employed