Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday January 17th Where We're At

Since Starting this campaign for "Equality Under the EI Act "I have sent all MP's the above letter twice, as I have had no responses , EXCEPT the PMO and Dianne Findley, Minister in charge of EI.
I also sent a copy to just about every social commentary individual, people like Rex Murphy, Don Newman, Rick Mercer, Judy Rebick and organizations that are relevant, like the CLC, CFIB, CD Howe Institute, the Fraser Institute, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Canadian Farmers Union, Council of Canadians and so on.
If you are intersted in helping please contact your MP and the PMO, inundate them, maybe they maybe catch on that this is a real issue that needs to be looked at immediately.
The original CBC interview I did here on PEI has been sent to all CBC outlets, I'm doing a print interview with the Charlottetown Guardian which will be posted hopefully to the Canadian Press network and right in Harpers Heartland I expect to do another CBC interview this time with CBC Calgary.
So Please help if you can, add to this blog, email your cohorts for Social Change!

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